Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day Three - Hollywood Studios

We started day three sleeping in and then off to Hollywood Studios. Our first stop was Star Tours and Muppets 3D. Then we went to a show at the American Idol Experience. Unfortunately, Kurt who both Jay and Auntie voted for did not go on to the final show.
We went to the Indiana Jones stunt show
Magic of Disney Animation where we got to see drawings from up including our hero Russell. Squirrel. We also drew Jiminy Cricket.

We got in line to get a picture with Russell - Jay was even prepared to introduce himself as a Wilderness Explorer...
Doug came out to replace him so we got to - Squirrel - take a picture with him. We ended our time at HS by going on the new Toy Story ride.

After a rest we were off to Cirque Du Soliel. Here Jay is wiping lunch off his face to look spiffy for the performance.
Auntie tried to talk Jay into going on this ride, but he passed and we went shopping at Marketplace.

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