Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day Three - Hollywood Studios

We started day three sleeping in and then off to Hollywood Studios. Our first stop was Star Tours and Muppets 3D. Then we went to a show at the American Idol Experience. Unfortunately, Kurt who both Jay and Auntie voted for did not go on to the final show.
We went to the Indiana Jones stunt show
Magic of Disney Animation where we got to see drawings from up including our hero Russell. Squirrel. We also drew Jiminy Cricket.

We got in line to get a picture with Russell - Jay was even prepared to introduce himself as a Wilderness Explorer...
Doug came out to replace him so we got to - Squirrel - take a picture with him. We ended our time at HS by going on the new Toy Story ride.

After a rest we were off to Cirque Du Soliel. Here Jay is wiping lunch off his face to look spiffy for the performance.
Auntie tried to talk Jay into going on this ride, but he passed and we went shopping at Marketplace.

Day Two -

Our first full day started with Jay donning his new hat and we were off to EPCOT. We ran into Stitch as we were walking to our first stop.

The Character Pavilion - it was Aunties only request of the day. There we met Mickey...




And last, but not least Goofy.

Here Jay and Goofy had a brief discussion about ears.

And how to properly hold them when being photographed.


Goofy has been one of Jay's favorites.

One of the next things we did was a Kim Possible Mission. We picked up our Kimunicator (sp?) and off to France we went.

We went to many places in France unlocking clues until we solved the case.

After solving the mission we headed over to Nemo and Friends.After the ride ended, we went to the observation area.
Too bad fish don't stay still for pictures.
Jay took over taking pictures and got these.

Nemo and Dori
Next it was off to a "Behind the Seeds" tour of the Disney Greenhouse.
We got to see a lot of interesting things on the 45 mintue tour.
This pumpkin is "earning it's ear".
Our next stop was Soarn' , good thing we had a Fast Pass - check out the standby time.
We also went on Mission SPACE: both levels before heading back to the hotel for a break. After our break we hit the arcade for a bit and then went back to the Magic Kingdom. We watched the parade before hitting rides. This is Jay's friend...
This is Aunties...
The castle at night is so pretty.
We get extra hours because we are staying at a Disney resort. Friday, MK was open until 3am. We took bets on how long Jay would make it. Ben said 11pm - he beat that after riding the Jungle Cruise.
John said 12:30, he passed that after Buzz Lightyear.
Margrette said 1:30 - we mad it until about 1:38. The offical final photo was taken by Photopass people and can be view on their site. (we got back at the hotel shortly after two.) Auntie was the one who fnally called it a night, Jay would have kept riding:)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Day One

Thursday morning very early we left Minnesota for Florida. After a turblent airplane ride we arrived at the airport and waited for the Magical Express. Whne we got to the All Star Sports Hotel we found this on our beds. We are in the football area. (Uncle Jerome you would love the baseball area complete with a baseball field swimming pool)Our first attempt at Magic Kingdom we were met with this. We headed back to the hotel arcade until it stoppped.
We did make it back to MK - First stopp the Laugh Factory.
Jay's first purchase was going to be a hat. He had to try many on to find the the perfect one. This one is too eyebally.This one has too many teeth.
This one is too blue and tall.
This one is just right.
Jay liked this bird and that it came up to the tables.
We missed another downpour by going on the Teacups.
We had a great spot for the parade. Auntie thought the Queen of Hearts was going to woo Jay away. She seemed to realllly like him.

We finished the night watching the Awesome Fireworks.
Next up EPCOT...